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20% off shade products.

Now-Feb. 15

Image by Annie Spratt

Get To Know Us

Yakima Tent & Awning Co. LTD. is a Textile Manufacturing company and Construction Contractor. For 100 years, Yakima Tent & Awning Co. LTD has provided quality, American-made, tarps, custom covers, residential and commercial awnings, industrial sewing, shade products, tents, manufacturing services, patterning, bulk fabric cutting, outdoor living products, retractable shade/privacy screens, enclosures for hospitality businesses, retractable awnings, truck tarps, hay tarps, military applications, textile engineering, agriculture products, hopper covers, pond liners, water reclaim material, and more. Yakima Tent & Awning has evolved in many ways since opening its doors in 1923. CNC technology paired with CAD Software allows our engineers to produce precision components. Aluminum has become the predominant choice over steel in the welding department. We also promote innovative new material options that are transforming the textiles industry. One thing that will always remain for Yakima Tent, is the quality craftsmanship sewn into all of our work. If you'd like to know more about how YTA can cover your problem, don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Image by Annie Spratt

Office Location


2101 Oak Avenue

Suite 102
Yakima, WA


Mail To

PO Box 391

Yakima, WA 98907


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