Pre-Shrink Your Tent Before Use
Pre-shrink your 10 oz tent (all sunforger products are already pre-shrunk!) before using it for the first time by lonely setting it up hosing it down with clean water. Then let it dry naturally. Pre-Shrinking closes the holes in the pores of the fabric, and is a very important step if you wish to apply waterproofing, or pre-fab a pole assembly. For maximum effectiveness we recommend that you pre-shrink your 10oz canvas tent three times. (Don't pre-shrink any sunforger material!)

How to Avoid Mildew and Other Damage
As the new owners of a war tent, you must avoid a constant enemy MILDEW. Never store your tent damp. Dry it out completely and clean off all leaves, grass, bird droppings, and pitch. When cooking inside your tent, protect the fabric from splatters of grease, as this can attract rodents while your tent is in storage, and can damage the waterproof ability.

Be Extremely Careful

With stoves, lanterns and heaters things that create heat pose a variety of hazards for the tent user, as well as the entire camp. A stove in a tent requires very careful planning to eliminate any chance of fire. Even the standard Coleman lantern can create enough heat to cause a fire if left too close to fabric or other combustibles. Never leave anything to chance where heat and a tent are concerned.